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More on Active Rain's Seattle Raincamp~ Blogging Tips ~from that Chilliwack Girl!

I always let the pretty girl next to me take the notes...and then I copy! :) Thanks Liz!!!!

There was such a wealth of information at Raincamp ~ how do we share it all?  We can't!  You just have to attend one!  I hear that the Raincamp Schedule should be out later this week - make a point of going even if it is a couple of hour drive away!  We even had  Realtors from San Antonio fly out to join us!

O.K. so here are some blogging tips that were shared - they're a little bit random ~like my notes - but hopefully you'll glean something helpful from them.  

*Blog titles - must be geographically specific - must be short and concise - named after the phrase that you want to rank - Name it what you think people will look for;

Body and Content Rules:  

•1.)    Repeat your key words 2-4x  for every 100 words

  2. )   Write articles that people will find via the search agents/internet

  3.)    Your  Tag is your table of contents  - its like a folder pick one, two or three 

  4.)   Start and end content with the words you want to be recognized for

•5.)  Position yourself as an expert in a field or a geographic location 

This is where we talk about Virginia Hepp from Mesquite!  Did you know you were a celebrity Virginia? :-) Bob Stewart used your blog as an example of a highly successful blog with links that send traffic to your website which in turn brings tons of business to you! You rank at the top page for your Key words page after page.   So I'd recommend we all have a look and study it! :) And check out this post:

 The Little Blog That Could - Rainmaker!

*You need to be what Seth Godin describes as a Purple Cow - stand out from the crowd and dominate - by being different!


 A Question?  Is social media afad -or biggest shift since the industrial revolution?  What do you think?

More Facts:

*Social media has overtaken porn as the no. activity on the net

*Facebook has added 100 million users in 9 months

*Facebook would be the 4th largest country in the world if it were a country

*90 companies using linkedn as their number one tool for recruiting

*You Tube is the  2nd largest search engine


* There's been a Fundamental shift in the way we communicate ~ its Socialnomics

Interesting to Note:  'Twitter' is:

A Micro-blogging service - 140 characters

It Answers the question what are you doing?

Twitter's Goal?   to become the pulse of the world

Each little update,each individual bit of social information is insignificant on its own, even supremely mundane, but taken together over time the little snippets coalesce into a surprisingly sophisticated portrait of your friends' and family members lives, like thousands of dots making a pointillist painting.


On Online Social Networking...

*Dunbar Number - argues we have a limit on the number of people we can personally know the average person has 150 connections...

*Constant online contact allows personal ties to become much richer - how else would we every keep up?

* Although it does not increase the number of your circle of intimates..because Personal ties are predicated on face time...what happens is:  Weak ties explode by expanding!  It allows you to bring back loose acquaintances, Old friends, Some one you met at a conference, referral sources, Former clients, Classmates & Business associates...

*What can be better then that?  




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Darn I came over here for new information, thanks for getting my hopes up :)

Posted by Heather Adkinson, Real Estate Agent - Moses Lake (Windermere K-2 Realty LLC www.propertiesinmoseslake.com) over 11 years ago

I love these tips, even though they may be old.  Thanks

Posted by Alchemy Real Estate Group Seattle Real Estate, Represent Seattle's Builders & Intelligent Clients (Alchemy Real Estate Group) about 8 years ago