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Foster Dog Adoption in Seattle, WA

Foster Dog Adoption in Seattle, WA

Foster Dog Adopt Seattle 

Adoption of any dog is a noble thing and if you are truly looking for the best fit for your home, consider a foster dog first. Thankfully there are several adoption organizations in Seattle to choose from when you want the perfect addition to your family. There are many reasons for you to choose a foster dog for adoption instead of going to the pound, reputable breeder or a pet-store.

  • A foster home provides a more stable and realistic environment.
  • The foster parent can give you a report as to what issues to watch out for.
  • By adopting a foster dog you open that home up for another animal to move out of the pound and into a foster home.
  • A foster dog usually comes with skills. Socialized with other animals, crate trained, potty trained and knowledgeable of basic commands such as sit, down and stay.
  • There are millions of homeless dogs, many of which came from reputable breeders and puppy mills and many of which end up in foster homes.
  • Adoption can help to shut down inhumane puppy mills.
  • You can find a dog of any breed, age, color, size, etc...there is no reason you cannot get the dog you want through adoption.



Meet Oscar!!!

This gorgeous young pup was found in a garbage can by Seattle police about 5 weeks ago. He has been in a foster home ever since learning from two adult dogs and in a stable home. He is up for adoption now through the Seattle Animal Shelter. Oscar is most likely a pure-bread Pitt Bull Terrier. Often times people pay breeders up to $800+ for these dogs and he can be adopted for $150. Not that cost should matter since the cost of ownership is much higher, but clearly adoption is a better economic decision.



Adoption of a pre-owned pet is a great option however finding the correct match for your needs can be tricky. Luckily there are some tools and basic guidelines that you can use to ensure you find a dog that is right for you and your family.

  • There are multiple compatibility quizzes that can be found on-line.
  • Ask the foster parents as many questions as you can think of!!!
  • Take the foster dog for a test drive! Many adoption organization offer a grace period between you and your new family member.
  • Start slow. Your new dog will need time to adjust to its new surrounds and accidents may happen.

There are so many choices out there but some are better than others. Do something selfless and adopt a foster dog!!!!

Here are a few websites you can use to find your next adopted family member:



 From my adopted (foster) family to yours....Thank you!

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Foster Dog Adoption in Seattle, WA
Foster Dog Adoption in Seattle, WA Adoption of any dog is a noble thing and if you are truly looking for the best fit for your home, consider a foster dog first. Thankfully there are several adoption organizations in Seattle to… more